Has it really been five years since stellar Milwaukee rock/punk/power-pop group SIN BAD issued its final release and went on indefinite hiatus? It’s true! Back in early 2019, the trio (Audrey Pennings, Ben Woyak, Joe Kirschling) released a split LP with fellow Milwaukee group Bad Wig. Soon after, Pennings moved to New Orleans and the band split up. Time soldiered on. Years passed. There was a pandemic, clearly the fault of SIN BAD’s disbandment…

But would you believe SIN BAD is BACK?! It’s true! Sort of! Feast your ears on It’s Final, a “long-lost” four-song SIN BAD EP that is finally seeing the light of day five years after it was recorded! And yes, that’s Pennings with legendary comedian Sinbad on the cover! Hope you’re doing well, Sinbad!

It’s Final (a nod to SIN BAD’s first record, It’s Fine) was recorded and mixed by Woyak at The Tannery in early 2019, shortly before Pennings’ move.

“The songs on this EP are simply too good to throw away,” drummer Joe Kirschling says. “We’re very excited to finally share them with the world.”

To celebrate the resurrection of these four excellent tracks (“Marry Me” has been in our heads for days), SIN BAD will reunite for a one-off show on Tuesday, February 6 at the Cactus Club. Iron Pizza (hell yes) and Chi Chi’s Restaurant (lol) will play in support. Oh, and the 6th is also “Sky High Night” at Cactus, so expect skate videos and stuff!

Welcome back, SIN BAD. You ruled five years ago. You still rule today. Here’s a video of Sinbad (the comedian) goofing on McDonald’s:

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