It’s Friday. The weekend starts now. Let’s get this shit going with new records from SIN BAD and Heavy Hand, shall we?

You may remember SIN BAD from their excellent Untitled 2014 Demo, which we included on our list of the best Milwaukee albums of 2014. If you loved the bright, insanely catchy pop-punk nuggets found on that album, you’re in luck, because, well, the new It’s Fine is pretty much the same album, albeit recorded and mixed all professional like. All seven tracks from the 2014 demo are here, better than ever (“Stranger Danger” and “Anxiety” remain unstoppable), along with three new tracks that fit right in with their older siblings. Old, new, who cares? SIN BAD is one of the city’s best.

SIN BAD will celebrate the release of It’s Fine tonight at Bremen Cafe. Bad Wig, Soup Moat, and Iron Pizza will play in support.

It’s been a minute since we’ve heard new music from the delightfully juvenile noise mongers in Heavy Hand. The great Northwoods Knives was released way back in 2014, when it also landed on our best-of list. Happily, time has only sharpened Heavy Hand’s sound. The new Prerapture Era is just as pummeling and scream-y as Knives, but there are more hooks to be scavenged in the din. There’s plenty of dark humor to go around, too: the spoken-word portions of “I’ve Got A Pit Bull And No Toilet Paper” are hilarious, and “You Can’t Get Pregnant In A Tent” may just be the best song title of the year. Laughing and screaming your head off have never felt this good.

Heavy Hand’s next show is Friday, June 9, at Bounce Milwaukee, as part of PRF BBQ 2017.

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