When we last checked in with Milwaukee musician Shontrail, he had just scored a certified Summer Jam with the infectious “When I’m Alone I Get Real High.” The blissed-out electro banger was tailor-made to be blasted out of an open car window. But what happens when the weather takes a turn and opening your car window is asking for frostbite? Enter Shontrail’s latest single, “Thru The Rafters.” This one’s tailor-made for slipping on a pair of headphones and losing yourself under a pile of blankets:

Just like he was on “Get Real High,” Shontrail is joined by fellow Milwaukee musician Sam Whitten on “Thru The Rafters”; here, Whitten provides both guitar and vocals. The director of the video for “Rafters,” Dario Camarena, is a returning collaborator, too.

Looking to see Shontrail live? Then look no further than Saturday, February 3, when he opens the stacked Graham Hunt and Rustbelt dual record release show at Cactus Club.

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