If there was any doubt that “Weird Al” Yankovic‘s Ridiculously Self-Indulgent, Ill-Advised Vanity Tour would be anything other than, well, ridiculously self-indulgent (and amazing), Monday’s show at Pabst Theater settled things once and for all. Want old deep cuts? Enjoy “Velvet Elvis” and “Buy Me A Condo.” Want newer deep cuts? Enjoy “Why Does This Always Happen To Me?” and “CNR.” Want “The Biggest Ball Of Twine In Minnesota?” Enjoy “The Biggest Ball Of Twine In Minnesota.”

What else? Oh yeah, Al was great, the band was great, opener Emo Philips was great, and who the hell thought it was a good idea to bring a literal crying infant to a show? Anyway, here’s Monday’s setlist. See you again tonight!

Why Does This Always Happen To Me?
Young, Dumb & Ugly
Velvet Elvis
The Biggest Ball Of Twine In Minnesota
Buy Me A Condo
My Baby’s In Love With Eddie Vedder
Generic Blues
Dare To Be Stupid
I’ll Sue Ya
One More Minute
Midnight Star
Don’t Download This Song
Nature Trail To Hell
Jackson Park Express
Medley (Eat It, I Lost On Jeopardy, Amish Paradise, Smells Like Nirvana, White & Nerdy, I Love Rocky Road, Like A Surgeon)

The Saga Begins