Way back in early May (three days after “Cinco de Cuatro,” to be exact), we debuted a Gob Bluth-channeling new single from Something To Do. The veteran Milwaukee-Madison ska band’s “I’ve Made A Huge Mistake” included numerous quotes from the character and various other Arrested Development references. Between the comedic nods and the catchy tune itself, the band had big shoes to fill when it came time to give the standout song from this summer’s Design For Living a worthwhile visual pairing. However, we’re pleased to say Something To Do’s “I’ve Made A Huge Mistake” music video did the job (the Gob?)…and then some.

Shot by local video legend Eddie Poser and directed/edited by both Poser and S2D guitarist Chris Holoyda, the video puts the seminal southeast Wisconsin ska outfit in front of a green screen at The Underground Collaborative. There, they performed their fun and frenzied song while dealing with the digitalized presence of a bustling cityscape, light bulbs, stunt planes, computer code, flames, an island scene, and stock footage of bears and birds. Oh, and there are floating heads.

Set a few minutes of your workday aside for some weirdness with Something To Do. Not watching the “I’ve Made A Huge Mistake” music video would be a huge mistake. To quote Gob himself, “C’MON!”

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