When we last checked in with Something To Do, Wisconsin’s premier ska outfit was pining for Tina Fey in the multi-cam music video for “Tina Fey II.” In the year-plus since that video’s release, the band has been hard at work writing and recording the follow-up to 2016’s Not Making A Sound. On June 22, Something To Do will release Design For Living, a 15-song album the band recorded at Howl Street recording.

Not unlike the last release, the forthcoming record has a single that’s dedicated to a contemporary comedy figure. As fans of Arrested Development might be able to deduce, “I’ve Made A Huge Mistake” is an ode to none other than Gob Bluth.

“Watching season 4, I ended up having a lot of disturbing empathy for Gob, who’s arguably the worst character on the show,” singer-bassist Nate Tredinnick says. “Throughout the course of the season, and the show, he just keeps ruining his life more and more via this combination of repression and ego, and it was terrifyingly relatable to me.”

The song is rife with quotes and references related to the beloved comedy’s most quotable character. From the familiar choral cry of “Come On!” and the single’s titular sentiment, “I’ve Made A Huge Mistake” combines the dialogue and internal strife of the reckless Bluth brother with Something To Do’s winning sound. Before the band’s Design For Living release show at Riverwest Public House on Friday, June 22, listen to the album’s single below.