Though The Phoenix Cocktail Club has only been open since New Year’s Eve, the Cathedral Square restaurant and lounge has quickly shown patrons they’re not your typical downtown establishment. Certain drinks come with a specialty in-house comic book. A couple cocktails are blended in a slushy machine. They make their own gigantic ice cubes. There’s a monthly coloring contest. Plus, Phoenix’s vast and varied food menu features rare specialties like bibimbap.

In honor of the saintly celebration, The Phoenix overhauled their offerings on Fat Tuesday to unveil a “Mardi Gras” menu that will offer diners delta delicacies, new takes on Cajun classics, and New Orleans-influenced desserts like Chicory Coffee and Absinthe Jello Shots “because why not?” Head chef Nathan Heck scared up this unique seasonal selection that will only be served for through the rest of this week. Geaux march into Phoenix to try these new items before it’s too late.


Deep Fried Boudin Balls ($8)
Voodoo Seasoned Popcorn ($5)


Dressed Beef Short Rib Po’Boy ($10)
Combo Share Plate with Maple Mac & Cheese and Potato Salad ($12)
Jambalaya Bibimbap ($15)
Pork with Red Beans and Rice ($15)
Shrimp Gumbo ($15)
Sweet Potato Bisque ($12)


King Beignets ($5)
Chicory Coffee and Absinthe Jello Shot ($4)

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