Here at Milwaukee Record, we employ a sentient machine known as the Great Job, Milwaukee Bot (similar to OnMilwaukee‘s Jeff Sherman Bot 8000) to keep track of the city’s many appearances on dopey online lists, as well as any time a national publication deigns to acknowledges our pathetic Midwest existence. Recently, the infernal machine brought us news that Rolling Stone liked Summerfest, and that The New York Times thought Milwaukee was “good (and cheap).” Today, the Grey Lady returns to feed the gaping maw of the bot by calling Milwaukee a “cursed sports city.” beep-boop-beep

In light of the Cleveland Cavaliers finally winning an NBA title, the Times rounded up 10 cities to take on the newly vacant mantle of most cursed sports city. Milwaukee came in at number 10 (Buffalo took the number 1 slot). Here’s why:

Last major title: 1971 Bucks.

The agony: Lost a three-games-to-two lead in the 1982 World Series to the Cardinals. Led Game 7 before Keith Hernandez and George Hendrick drove in runs to give the Cardinals the lead.

Mitigating factor: Though the Packers, winners of the Super Bowl after the 2010 season, nominally play in Green Bay, they are essentially Milwaukee’s N.F.L. team.

The future: The Bucks missed the N.B.A. playoffs, and the Brewers are 17 ½ games out.

Fair enough, but that “mitigating factor,” though. whiz-beep-whir [h/t Tom Grimm]

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