Dusty and long-dormant, Milwaukee Record‘s sentient Great Job, Milwaukee Bot 8000 has whizzed and whirred back to life—R2-D2-in-The-Force-Awakens-style—to bring you this important news: In a New York Times travel piece published today, the newspaper of record has nothing but praise for Milwaukee, calling it “good” and “cheap.” “Frugal traveler” Lucas Peterson explains:

“Whether it was a concert at Turner Hall or a quick, satisfying dinner at the bar of the Noble, I was constantly impressed by how good (and cheap) almost everything was that I encountered. Lily Shea, a student and waitress at Lakefront Brewery, maybe put it best: ‘Milwaukee is really underrated. I think it surprises people.’ I couldn’t agree more.”

Peterson goes on to give shout-outs to Glorioso’s Italian Market, Kopp’s, Lakefront Brewery, and more. He also mentions Laverne & Shirley. You can read the whole thing here. (And a day before Milwaukee Day!) Great job, Milwaukee! beep-boop-beep

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