Our fat-free, dolphin-safe Milwaukee events calendar is chock-full of things to do, but only a handful of events are worthy of the lofty honor of “Record Recommended” (patent pending). Here are our recommendations for March 18-24, 2019.


Tuesday Tunes: Caley Conway @ Kindred On K.K.
Milwaukee Record has joined forces with Kindred On K.K. to bring you “Tuesday Tunes.” The Tuesday evening performance series features eight weeks of music from some of the city’s favorite artists. There’s no cover for these shows, which all run from 7 to 9 p.m. This week’s show features the incomparable Caley Conway, who will release a new EP next month. As always, Kindred’s kitchen and bar will offer their full menu, and their Tuesday night happy hour (including $2 oysters and $5 old fashioneds) will last all night.


Milwaukee Record Presents: Billy Madison @ Avalon Theater
What’s the best Adam Sandler movie? If you said anything other than Billy Madison, then at no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone on this website is now dumber for having listened to it. We award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul. After the credits roll, The Vanguard will start serving its extra sloppy take on sloppy joes—they know how yous kids like ’em extra sloppy!—and we’ll provide some Snack Pack to go with the sandwich. Our movie buddies over at Lakefront Brewery will have beers on special and will be at Vanguard to give away some goodies as well. Tickets to the film are $5, and available in advance here.

Monoculture + LUXI, Cairns @ Cactus Club


Breaking Benjamin + Skillet, Underoath, Fight The Fury @ The Rave/Eagles Club
Shit, remember when that Breaking Benjamin song was in Halo 2?


Vinz Clortho (record release) + Ravi/Lola, NeoCaveman @ Company Brewing
On paper, Milwaukee super-group Vinz Clortho sounds like a goof. Here are a bunch of musicians from bands like Calliope, Mortgage Freeman, Castle Thunder, and Mouse Corn playing in a group named after the Keymaster of Gozer (a.k.a. Volguus Zildrohoar, Lord of the Seboullia). Time to break out the proton packs! But no, Vinz Clortho is not a goof. Instead, it’s a moody, sax-drenched roadhouse band more inspired by Chris Isaak and Twin Peaks than Dr. Peter Venkman and Ghostbusters. On “Endless Road” (the first single from the band’s new Fool’s Paradise EP), those influences are front and center—dig the surreal surf-psych vibe; the lyrics about stepping on the gas and driving down a midnight highway, and that crazy sax, man.

Pete Freeman (record release) @ The Gig
You may know Pete Freeman as the guy behind that Front Row Amy song that totally blew up. You may know Pete Freeman as the guy behind that “Please don’t move to Milwaukee” song that also blew up. Now, Pete Freeman is hoping his debut album, Wisconsin Stories, will also blow up. On the strength of Freeman’s low-key humor and laid-back vibe, it should.

Punch Brothers + Gabriel Kahane @ Pabst Theater

Brendan Schaub (two shows) @ Turner Hall


Kool Keith + 9th Prince, Dana Coppa, DJ Madhatter @ The Cooperage
Last August, Milwaukee Police shut down Kool Keith’s set at Riverwest Public House after just three songs because of capacity concerns. Whomever gave them that impression sounds like a cool person. Anyway, the legendary rapper took the situation in stride, thanking the Public House staff and tweeting he’d like to “plan another [Milwaukee] location in the future.” Enter The Cooperage. With far more space to work with, nothing (and no one) should get in the way this time around.

The Grovelers + Certain Stars, Lack Of Reason @ Landmark Lanes
If you’re looking for subtlety in your music—poetic and tender lyrics, intricate and feather-light instrumentation—The Grovelers are not the band for you. “When you wear your Sunday best / I tear you up and I eat your flesh,” sings bassist Lemonie Fresh on “Sicko,” the opening track to The Grovelers’ delightfully trashy 2015 debut, Derelicts And Screw-Ups. “I’m alive / I’m alive / Mmm, mmm, baby we were made for each other.” For a song that features one of the protagonists luring the other into a van for some decidedly NSFL activities, that’s as close to poetry as you’re going to get.

Lisa Gatewood @ Sugar Maple
The sublime Lisa Gatewood doesn’t play out often, so you should make it a point to see her when she does. She’s wonderful. Ask her about her favorite Monkee.

The Gooch Palms + Tigernite, Indonesian Junk @ X-Ray Arcade

Mike Recine & Adam Friedland: A Stand-Up Comedy Show @ Puddler’s Hall


WMSE’s Rock-N-Roll Bowl V @ Bay View Bowl
Winter in Milwaukee can be a long, slushy slog, filled with interminable grey days and bitterly cold nights. But Milwaukeeans are a hardy bunch, and they know that one of the best ways to ward off the winter blues—and wear some rented shoes in the process—is bowling. Enter the glorious return of WMSE’s Rock-N-Roll Bowl, a pin-shaking, turkey-striving bowling tournament that will take over Bay View Bowl for the fifth year on Sunday, March 24. Tickets still available!