What makes a home a home? That’s the question at the heart of Mike Mangione‘s latest single, “The Turnabout.” The end.

Okay, there’s more! First, let’s talk about Mangione. The veteran singer-songwriter has been kicking around the Milwaukee music scene for nearly two decades, gifting the city—and the country/world at large—with a steady stream of gorgeously rendered folk/roots/Americana tunes. In 2017, Mangione (along with his band, The Kin) released the lovely But I’ve Seen The Stars. Did the record feature the increasingly in-demand SistaStrings? Yes it did.

Now, Mangione is preparing for the October release of a new album, Blood And Water. The album is stocked with plenty of heavy hitters, most notably producer Larry Campbell (Bob Dylan, Emmylou Harris, Levon Helm, Rosanne Cash). The record’s first single, “The Turnabout,” is no slouch, either. If you’re on the hunt for some plaintive end-of-summer, War On Drugs vibes, hunt no further. Here’s the video, shot in Austin and directed by Daniel and Chris Konkel:

Now, back to that question of home. What makes a home a home? In a press release for “The Turnabout,” Mangione explains:

One day, while driving to my studio space, I crossed a river and noticed it was frozen. Although it is a seasonal occurrence, I was struck by the fact that I live in a place where rushing rivers freeze! I quickly penned on scrap paper “I come from the land where the rivers freeze.” When I arrived at my studio space I wrote this song out in one sitting, which is very rare for me. The song reflects on the reality that, though our identities are deeply rooted in our place of origin, our home is defined by the one we love. Even if I dwell in a place I have roots, I am without a home if I am not surrounded by those I love.

‘Nuff said. Blood And Water is due October 21.

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