Between his penchant for both philosophical and spiritual matters, the all-around uplifting presence he exudes, and the impressive guests he routinely books on his great “Time & The Mystery” podcast, people may sometimes forget Mike Mangione is also one hell of a songwriter. Of course, him not releasing any music since 2013’s Red-Winged Blackbird Man could also be a factor in any oversight. Fortunately, Mangione will soon break close to four years of studio silence when he releases his Three Days EP early next year.

To help reacquaint listeners to his sound before the projected January 10 release date, Mangione “& The Kin” shot videos that feature live renditions of each song from the forthcoming EP. As of Monday, the four-video concept reached its halfway point. So far, so great.

The series—which is shot and edited by Damien Blue and recorded by Daniel Holter in his Wire & Vice studio—launched in late November, when Mangione was joined by his brother Tom and SistaStrings siblings Monique and Chauntee Ross on the EP’s triumphant title track.

This week, the bandleader’s solo leg of the four-stop creative journey came out in the form of “Promised Land.” Later this month, Mangione plans to release a video for a Peter Gabriel cover he recorded with Peter Mulvey. That leaves just enough time for a video of a three-piece performing the EP’s final song to coincide with Three Daysrelease.

Milwaukee music videos have never been better than they are right now. While it’s exciting to see the inventive concepts and impressive effects musicians and filmmakers are working together to execute, there will always be a place for crisp visuals of beautiful music being performed by an old friend you haven’t heard from in a while. Don’t be a stranger. Check out the first two Three Days videos.

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