As Milwaukee continues to redefine and reimagine itself in the awful, awful 21st century, it’s comforting to know that for many people—say, Chicago-born and New York City-based comedians—our city will forever be synonymous with beer and cheese. But there’s more to a hilarious new Milwaukee anthem, “Beer And Cheese,” than just, well, beer and cheese. The song comes courtesy of (Chicago-born and New York City-based) comedian Jayson Cross, who spends more time poking fun at the perpetually empty Shops of Grand Avenue than he does discussing encased meats. “I had a show in Milwaukee so I went to the mall / Started walking around, there were no stores at all / I had to pause, and chill for a minute / How you got a mall with no stores in it?” Indeed. He also visits Black Cat Alley and talks trash about Racine.

Check out the song below, and Cross’ original stand-up bit on the Grand Ave. below that.

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