Way back in the gloriously sunny times of 2017, Milwaukee musician Cat Ries (NO/NO, Rio Turbo, Credentials) teamed up with Milwaukee producer DASHCAM (a.k.a. Donny Jankowski of NiceFM) for the gloriously sunny “Blue Eyes.” It was, in our own words, a “neon-drenched, ’80s-kissed synthwave” concoction “complete with hooks aplenty and a dreamy spoken-word interlude.” Now, in the less-than-sunny times of winter 2021, Ries (under her Pleasure Thief solo moniker) and DASHCAM have teamed up once again. Enter PleasureCam, and the track “Dust (Melody Of Pain).”

The song is an appropriately chilly affair, with minimal dance beats and an overall ice-cold vibe. Still, it’s stocked with those aforementioned hooks and a few cool/hot/cool lyrics like “Let’s get to the point where I know what you mean / Just by your fingertips on me.” In other words, it’s a whole lot stuffed into three minutes, and it’s great.

“Let it move you on these cold days,” Ries says of “Dust (Melody Of Pain).” Press play and take that advice below.

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