Ahhh, the basement show. That magical beast where 17 hardcore bands are on one bill, where three dozen people have to squeeze past the washer and dryer without accidentally unplugging the Christmas lights, and where you feel positively ancient if you’re older than 22. We miss basement shows. We miss shows.

Happily, Lauryl Sulfate and LUXI are here with “Basement Show,” a dreamy, synth-drenched ode to all of the above, minus the 17 hardcore bands. Watch your step and enjoy:

Is there anything better than pop-purveyor Lauryl Sulfate and electro wizard LUXI teaming up? No, no there is not. Lauryl Sulfate + Her Ladies Of Leisure released the fantastic Dance Music Saves Lives back in 2019, and followed it up with a song/video called “Selfie.” LUXI, meanwhile, has probably released a dozen new songs and accompanying VR games in the time it’s taken us to write this. Her latest tracks are “e n d l e s s l y” and “G.T.F.O.”. On Monday, she’ll unveil her MKE Virtual Gallery, highlighting work from emerging Milwaukee visual artists.

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