Late last year, LUXI released Lost Letters (Of Seraphina). The latest in the synth-pop producer’s ever-growing catalog earned high placement on our list of the 25 best Milwaukee albums of 2018, and we called the record’s standout single, “Fly Away,” a “terrific example of how her economical sonic approach can move through a multitude of themes without ever feeling cluttered.” Months later, LUXI let Blackbox Visual give the glitch-y and gloomy single a gorgeous visual pairing in the form of a new lyric video.

LUXI (a.k.a. Alexandre Hill) tells Milwaukee Record that she wanted the video to try and match the look and feel of the song, as well as her album’s video game companion piece. According to Hill, Blackbox Visual knocked it out of the park.

“The goal of this collaboration was to explore an additional medium and make sure the overall aesthetics between the game and the animation was cohesive,” Hill says. “Blackbox Visual did a great job doing their research about my work and style, and it was a lot of fun seeing the environment of Seraphina—the fictional location of my interactive album—presented in a different way.”

Let LUXI and Blackbox Visual take you to Seraphina and watch the “Fly Away” music video below.

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