Rock Paper Scissors: it’s not just for children and for deciding who goes first in board games anymore.

That’s right, Milwaukee has its own competitive Rock Paper Scissors league! Looking to throw down and match wits with your fellow Milwaukeeans? Looking to get goofy and compete for prizes and leaderboard bragging rights? Looking to try your hand at an “Avalanche” (throwing three Rocks in a row), a “Toolbox” (three Scissors), or a “Crescendo” (Paper, Scissors, Rock)? Then sign up HERE, come up with a wacky name for yourself (sorry, “Kid Cutty” is already taken), and get yourself to Company Brewing on Tuesday, January 30 at 7 p.m. That’s tonight!

The Milwaukee Rock Paper Scissors league (yes, there are other leagues around the country) is organized by Evan Maruszewski—he of polka hip-hop band November Criminals fame. It’s held every other Tuesday at Company Brewing. The 2024 season kicked off January 2, and it runs through April 30. There’s still plenty of time to get involved in the (free, 18+) fun!

“So far we’ve had two nights and folks seem to be enjoying it,” Maruszewski says. “I’m reffing/hosting and my friend Seth is providing musical accompaniment on the keyboard.” KEYBOARD ACCOMPANIMENT.

And in case you’re wondering: yep, it’s just the same ol’ Rock Paper Scissors that you and every other person on the planet somehow knows. No special rules, no trick plays, no newfangled pitch clock. Just best-of-three rounds of ROCK…PAPER…SCISSORS…SHOOT!

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