UPDATE (3/5/22): He did it. You can watch it below:


Last summer, we alerted you to the exciting news that a pair of accomplished eaters and popular YouTube personalities were moving to Milwaukee. The professional eater power couple consisting of Randy Santel and Katina Eats Kilos seemed to settle into life in Wisconsin right away. We’ve already chronicled a few of Katina’s Milwaukee area eating feats, but Santel has also been filling both his schedule and his stomach with a steady diet of food challenges in and around Milwaukee. And there are more to come!

This Saturday afternoon, Santel—who holds the world record for most eating competition wins, with more than 1,000 successful attempts to his credit—will belly up to a table at Coach’s Pub And Grill (5356 S. 13th St.) to try his hand at the restaurant’s “7 lb Grave Digger Challenge” in front of a live audience.

“I will have 60 minutes to finish a 2 lb ground beef burger topped with 1 lb of bacon, 1/2 lb of cheese, lettuce, tomato, and pickle on a fresh 12-inch bun surrounded by fries,” says a post on Santel’s website.

Santel encourages people to come cheer him on (or watch a livestream on his YouTube page) as he takes on the beastly burger. He says the platter will be brought out around 2 p.m. He’ll also sell merch, take photos, and sign items (including free photos) before and after the challenge.

If you want to see “Atlas” in action in Milwaukee, here’s your chance. He’ll also be attempting the Garbage Plate Breakfast Challenge at Frank’s Diner in Kenosha just 19 HOURS after his Grave Digger attempt. You can see how Santel fared in some of his other Wisconsin-based eating endeavors below.

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