Since Thanksgiving is tomorrow, we figured we’d wind down the holiday-shortened work week with a post about something fun and lighthearted…and something that—true to the Thanksgiving spirit—also features someone eating an uncomfortable amount of poultry. That someone is Katina Eats Kilos, a body builder who fully realized her gift for high-volume consumption in 2019 and has rapidly made a name for herself in the world of professional eating. Katina moved to Milwaukee this summer, along with her world-record-holding professional eater boyfriend Randy Santel, and has quickly gotten to work on trying her hand at some of Wisconsin’s most daunting eating challenges.

Perhaps the most arduous among them is Crafty Cow‘s “Heat And Repeat” spicy chicken sandwich challenge. The “Heat And Repeat” challenge consists of a massive sandwich stacked high with three fried chicken breasts—one Nashville Hot style, a 414 Fire breast topped with ghost pepper sauce, and an MKE Lava breast that’s coated in a sauce with Carolina reaper peppers—along with pickles and snap pea broccoli slaw between two pieces of sauce-absorbing Texas toast. It must be consumed within a 15-minute window. We tried and absolutely failed this challenge ourselves last year, bowing out with about half the sandwich left. Being a professional and whatnot, Katina fared far better in her attempt.

Though she certainly suffered through it (with tears and snot flowing liberally by video’s end), Katina managed to brave the molten hot sandwich in its entirety, along with the sides and accompanying beer, and defeat Crafty Cow’s “Heat And Repeat” challenge with about 30 seconds to spare. We can’t stress how spicy this sandwich is, so our hat goes off to her.

Watch her complete the chicken sandwich challenge and, if you suddenly have a hankering for a Nashville hot chicken sandwich, meet us at Crafty Cow Tosa this evening to see Steph Lippert Project perform as part of our Midweek Music concert series.

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