Back in 2009, Milwaukee enfant terrible filmmaker Frankie Latina made a splash with Modus Operandi, a delightfully sleazy, Z-grade exploitation flick co-produced by Sasha Grey and starring Danny Trejo. It was the rare pre-fab midnight movie that didn’t feel overly calculated or cynical, and one that managed to garner an affectionate review from the late Roger Ebert. Now, a trailer has been released for Latina’s long-awaited follow-up feature, China Test Girls (previously known as Snapshot). There are plenty of familiar Latina-esque markers (Sasha Grey, Danny Trejo, a Super 8 aesthetic), and plenty of new ones (music by Yoko Ono!)

“A fashion photographer gets more than she bargained for when a roll of film in a used camera contains sinister imagery of high-society menace that sends her into a labyrinth of imminent danger,” reads the official synopsis. Also in the trailer? Milwaukee’s own Mark Borchardt and Amelinda Burich, The Royal Tenenbaums‘ Kumar Pallana, and more. China Test Girls will be released later this year. [via Consequence of Sound]

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