Imagine this: a concert featuring your favorite local or national touring band…but in a house! Crazy, right? Yes, these so-called “living room shows” have been gaining momentum in the past few years, led by the international Sofar Sounds, which opened a Milwaukee branch last summer. These shows offer both artists and audiences a more intimate, up-close-and-personal experience, one devoid of overbearing crowds and people who won’t shut the fuck up at the bar. In Milwaukee, you might say the hottest new venue is your house. Shit, next thing you know bands will be playing in basements! (Milwaukee Record reserves the right to trademark this idea.)

But all kidding aside, Sofar has been a huge success in Milwaukee, becoming one of the fastest growing chapters in the group’s network, and hosting such local artists as Soul Low, Klassik, Fresh Cut Collective, and Calamity Janes And The Fratney Street Band. Add to that list Hugh Bob And The Hustle, who performed for the Sofar series last September. Plenty has changed since then—lead singer Hugh Masterson has relocated to Nashville, for one—but the country-tinged sounds of the group playing “Everything To Me” in the close confines of a living room remain as sweet as ever. Check out the recently released video below, and see Hugh Bob And The Hustle make a return hometown appearance (along with Greatest Lakes and Webster X) April 14 at Turner Hall for Milwaukee Day.