When we last heard from Lauryl Sulfate & Her Ladies Of Leisure, they were busy releasing one of the best Milwaukee albums of 2019. Seriously: if you haven’t already listened to Dance Music Saves Lives—or if you haven’t listened to it in a while—fix that right now. It’s infectious dance-pop at its most pure, positive, and unapologetic. We’ll wait…

Good? Now, on to the latest song (and debut video!) from Sulfate and her LOL, “Selfie.” What’s “Selfie” all about? According to the artist: “‘Selfie’ is your new summer power anthem, a glow up bop for womxn, fems, and anyone else who has had to learn how to love who they see in the mirror.”

Shot at Riverwest Film & Video / Riverwest Radio back in the days when a bunch of people could actually get together and film a video about the joys of community and acceptance, the video is about, well, the joys of community and acceptance. Specifically for trans girls, drag queens, lesbians, fat girls, skinny girls, black girls, white girls, Latinas, and everyone else who gets a Sulfate shout-out near the end of the track. Hi, Lucky!

Oh, and the song is also about not giving a fuck what anyone thinks, which is sound advice for all. Cameras up!

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