LUXI has been gracing Milwaukee music venues with her brooding, whimsical electronica output since she—aka Alexandre Maxine Hill—released 2013’s W∆VES. That impressive debut gave way to a steady stream of atmospheric albums, ethereal EPs, and scintillating singles in five years that followed. The most notable output in LUXI’s rapidly-growing and ever-evolving catalog to this point is last year’s Geometric Universe. Though Hill claims the LP—which cracked the top 15 of our best Milwaukee albums list last year—is “a culmination of several months of evolution and discovery,” the music video for the record’s single was the result of a single-night shoot during a recent tour.

While in California during a recent tour, Karen Douglas and Josh Brinckerhoff of CulpritMedia Group shot LUXI’s “Dust Fades” music video. Once the sun went down, the plastic sheets went up and a variety of electronic devices were turned on. Basked in the artificial illumination of a projector, LUXI perfectly matches the song’s dark and mysterious overtones. In total, Hill estimates the “amazing and insane” overnight shoot took 12 hours to finish.

Before LUXI performs at Club Timbuktu on May 31 (as part of Riverwest FemFest), at PrideFest on June 9, at Lakefront Festival Of Art on June 15, and at Burnhearts/Pabst Street Party on June 30, watch the “Dust Fades” music video below.

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