Midway through its third season, This Is Us has quickly become one of network TV’s biggest shows. The generation-jumping NBC drama has captured the hearts of millions, won a slew of accolades, earned heaps of critical acclaim, and inspired a handful of knockoffs on other channels. The show recently entered its fall break, and boy, do viewers have a lot to talk about!

Though it has absolutely nothing to do with Milwaukee in any way, This Is Us devotee/On The Record host Tyler Maas asked Matt Mueller—an OnMilwaukee writer and This Is Us recapper—to meet him at Club Garibaldi for a lengthy, winding discussion about the show. There, they talked about their introductions to the program, what they’ve thought about this chaotic and busy first half of the third season, things they like and dislike about This Is Us, and characters they want to see more (or less) of in the next eight episodes. They also make some very specific predictions about where the series is headed. Warning: there are tons of spoilers, so if you’re not caught up, maybe sit this one out.

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