We may be suckers for sad, bittersweet, and melancholy Christmas tunes, but that doesn’t mean we don’t enjoy some real-deal holiday musical cheer from time to time. Take the new song from Milwaukee singer Janalyn Rose, “Lost & Found (The Mittens Song).” It’s a jazzy little number that tells the story of a lost mitten, all the warm memories attached to that lost mitten, and the hopes of a mitten reunion. “‘Find another one,’ they said / Why can’t they see / You are the only match for me?” Rose sings. Okay, so maybe the song is a little sad, bittersweet, and melancholy. (Also, it may not actually be about mittens.)

Joining Rose on “Lost & Found” is Chicken Wire Empire’s Ernest Brusubardis IV on violin and viola, Milwaukee Jazz Institute’s Jeff Hamann on upright bass, and Marquette faculty member Michael Koch on drums. And while the song is certainly a departure from Rose’s last song, the glitzy and neon-drenched “City Stars,” it absolutely shines thanks to the singer’s voice. That alone is enough to warm your heart all year long.

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