The inaugural Arte Para Todos festival was an unabashed success. An eclectic mix of 70 Milwaukee bands played a combined 15 shows spanning three neighborhoods over the course of an otherwise quiet late-winter weekend. Additionally, more 20 area artists were on hand to showcase their work, and an early afternoon film festival showcased a versatile collection of locally-sired music videos. It was a weekend of fun, togetherness, creative celebration, and charity at a level that hasn’t been seen in a long time (if ever) in Milwaukee music. Today, we now have the numbers to support claims of APT’s success.

Arte Para Todos finally finished counting the staggering amount of money brought in between February 27 and March 1 and revealed Monday that $21,165 was raised. Every cent of that astounding sum will be evenly split between Bay View High School, Tamarack Waldorf High School, and La Escuela Fratney. That’s nothing short of amazing, especially for an unproven first-year festival. Every organizer, performer, artists, venue, volunteer, and paid attendee should be proud to have played a part in such a wonderful and well-executed event. We’re already excited for next year’s Arte Para Todos.

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