This week’s episode finds us crossing the pond—over video chat, at least—to speak with Dave Arcari. Over the course of his roughly 20-year solo career, the Scottish “alt-blues” singer and slide guitarist has released six full-length albums and a slew of EPs, frequently toured throughout Europe and all across the United States, helped bring the resonator’s sound to exciting new territory, started a record label, and even had a National Reso-Phonic signature model guitar made in his honor. Long before he was winning fans all over the world and helping to expose a new generation of listeners to the resonator, the accomplished musician was busking on the streets of Glosgow and developing his distinct sound while splitting time with blues bands.

Recently, Acari talked to My First Band host Tyler Maas about how he’s been keeping busy and staying solvent during an uncharacteristically quiet point in time for him. In addition to discussing his livestream concerts and 2020 EP, the singer-songwriter talked about Scotland’s rich musical background, some of his favorite spots to play in the States, and how his rare opportunity with Reso-Phonic came to be. Of course, the conversation also turned to his musical start, which includes performances outside markets, covers of Bob Dylan and David Bowie, and memorable stints with groups like Summerfield Blues and Radiotones.

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