“They’re shooting for the sky / We think they’re aiming too high / But they’re chilling in the stratosphere / While we’re down here / Watching the clouds go by.”

That’s Milwaukee musician Janalyn Rose on her new single, “City Stars.” And no, she’s not talking about literal celestial bodies; Rose’s targets are decidedly more earthbound.

“The song is a commentary on social media, its influencers, and its audience,” Rose explains. “The video evokes a ‘FaceTime’ feel by using elements like a vertical frame and an unedited, unbroken confrontation between singer and viewer. It unwittingly draws you in, like social media tends to do.”

“City Stars” is the fourth single from Rose, and it represents a bit of a stylistic departure. Previous tracks like “Her” and “My Demise” exist in a sparse and piano-laden atmosphere, nicely complementing Rose’s background in composition and film scoring. “City Stars,” on the other hand, is a more electronic and neon-drenched affair. It’s also a solid addition to Milwaukee’s increasingly busy Meltwater Pulse collective, which includes Rose and fellow artists like Murphy Kaye and Brett J.B. Follow the Meltwater Pulse artists on social media before they, too, are chilling in the stratosphere.

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