On June 1, Paper Holland released Galápagos. The long-awaited sophomore album brought out the band’s distinct “trop-pop” style and wisped listeners away on an aural island getaway with smooth vocals, light and breezy instrumentation, and a prevailing sound that’s befitting of the record’s archipelago namesake. The record’s beach vibes are evident from the get-go, as chirping birds and gently lapping waves can be heard at the outset of the album’s true opening track.

“Sea [Sic]” perfectly fits Galápagos‘ getaway theme, as singer Joe Tomcheck’s casually-delivered lyrics about “waves to pull you down, to pull you in, to pull you under” join an equally-relaxed arrangement of guitars, percussion, keys, and horns. Paper Holland’s new video for the standout song further stresses the album’s overriding island motif.

Shot and directed by Joe Ludwig, the “Sea [Sic]” music video features the band letting loose on two different Milwaukee beaches during two drastically different types of weather. Watch Paper Holland play on the sands of South Shore Beach and on the snow at Bradford Beach. If the current conditions have you down, take a four-minute vacation to sunnier times and watch the “Sea [Sic]” video below.

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