You know a show is going to be great when close to a thousand people on Facebook have already committed to going without even knowing who’s playing.

In its first two years, Burnhearts’ annual Mitten Fest served as one of the few non-Packers-related bright spots in the dark, cold, cruel, and seemingly endless quarter-year marathon simply known as “winter” in Milwaukee. No matter the forecast, throngs of people eagerly flocked to a two-block stretch on Bay View’s Potter Avenue to partake in the drinking of fine beer and bourbon barrel aged old fashioneds, the eating of festival foods, the donation of clothing and canned goods, and outdoor entertainment usually reserved for warmer times.

February 7, Mitten Fest 2015 will offer Milwaukee the same brief celebratory respite from the season’s harshness. That date has been circled on many a Milwaukeean’s 2015 calendar since last fall. The only question left was regarding who would be taking the stage outside Burnhearts once that long-awaited day came. Milwaukee Record—a proud Mitten Fest 2015 sponsor—is pleased to announce the stacked local lineup (featuring three acts from our 25 best Milwaukee albums of 2014 list) that will be playing this year’s event:

Greatest Lakes
Sin Bad
(DJ Chris Schulist will spin between sets)

See you February 7. Wear boots and bring handwarmers.

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