Milwaukee has a way of inspiring people. Whether it’s lyrical nods in songs, familiar faces and places being featured in music videos, representing the region with a Bucks jersey or MilwaukeeHome shirt on stage, or various other means of civic-centered expression, there’s no shortage of local love in local music.

Though it’s often present in the city’s music scene, every now and then, an area musician goes the extra mile to showcase their hometown appreciation. In recent years, songs like Maritime’s aptly-named “Milwaukee” and Holy Pinto’s also-aptly-named “Milwaukee” come to mind, as does Trapper Schoepp’s ambitious and star-studded “On, Wisconsin” music video. Now, you can also add Jon Henry to that illustrious library or locally-focused tunes.

A few days ago, the Milwaukee rapper (who spent some time living in Los Angeles before moving back to his beloved hometown) released a single called “Tour Milwaukee.” In addition to inventive production—which utilizes recordings of beer bottles being opened and clanked together—by Boost and a cool brick effect video crafted by director Paul Duquesnoy, “Tour Milwaukee” features Henry running listeners through some wild nights he’s had in Milwaukee, shouting out some of his favorite Milwaukee things, and making a lot of Milwaukee references. Like, it’s roughly two and a half minutes of local references.

During that span, Henry mentions past and present local acts like GGOOLLDD, Soul Low, NO/NO, Lil Chicken, Evan Christian, LUXI, and Ms. Lotus Fankh. He talks about local venues like The Cooperage, Cactus Club, Quarter’s, Miramar, and even the short-lived Gibralter. He name-checks local dining and drinking establishments like Snack Boys, The Hotel Foster, Company Brewing, Milwaukee Brewing Company, Jo-Cat’s, Elsa’s, Bad Genie, and the Kimpton rooftop bar.

Hell, even Milwaukee Journal Sentinel music writer Piet Levy and his laptop get a nod. It’s a great song (especially if you have ties to Milwaukee) and an awesome video. Get out a pen and pad and count the local references in Jon Henry’s “Tour Milwaukee” video now.

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