Milwaukee’s Queen Tut has been a force to reckoned with in 2016, with high-profile gigs at Riverwest FemFest, Mitten Fest, Arte Para Todos, last weekend’s Locust Street Festival, the upcoming Summer Soulstice, and more. But it seems the ever-busy emcee—make that “femcee”—will soon be moving her reign elsewhere. In a recently launched GoFundMe campaign, Tut reveals she will be relocating to Brooklyn at the end of July. And while she’s hoping to raise some cash to help facilitate the move, she’s also planning to use the money to start a “cooperative production company for artists and musicians” that will “help bridge MKE’s talented art scene with New York’s established industry.”

“Your donation will help me get to Brooklyn and continue the work of uplifting other artists/building stronger communities, getting this co-op started, as well as creating music and art with the best of the best,” Tut says on the GoFundMe page. Equipment sharing, printing services, shared contacts, and assistance finding venues and booking shows are just a few of the services planned for the co-op.

A handful of rewards are being offered for potential donors—$5 gets you an advance copy of Queen Tut’s upcoming EP, for example—though any amount will be accepted. As of Tuesday, 15 percent of the $1,000 total 10 percent of the $1,500 total has been raised.

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