There are band names that are easily Google-able, and there are band names that absolutely require the word “band” at the end of the search. Guess which category new-ish Milwaukee band Full Nude belongs to! (Also, shout-out to Milwaukee’s Sex Scenes for getting there first.)

Anyway, Full Nude is a noisy post-punk/alt-rock trio made up of some Milwaukee music veterans/ringers: Madi Moon (Heavy Hand, Like Like The The The Death), Sarah Long (Fahri, Jab Jugular), and Brock Gourlie (Blue Unit, The Trusty Knife, Potty). The group’s debut album, Free Nudes, just dropped today. (Better add “album” to that Google search.) It’s a seven-song collection of melodic Built To Spill-esque workouts (“Dot In The Dream House”), manic Sonic Youth-esque suites (“GTFO Golden Girls”), and songs that riff on the Pixies’ “Gigantic” (“Mad Mad Medusa”). Plus, there are additional song titles like “Grindr Walmart Parking Lot” and “Lesbian Antinuclear Utopia.” Listen to Free Nudes now:

Full Nude has been playing out for almost two years, so it’s nice to finally have an official release. (Have we mentioned it’s super good?) We don’t see any upcoming shows on the books, but we’re sure some will pop up soon. Just be sure to add “band” to any searches for those shows.

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