Way back in late 2013, Jaill spent an intense two-week session living and recording at an Austin, Texas studio. After lengthy label uncertainties and vinyl delays, those songs finally saw the light of day in the form of Brain Cream late last June, more than 18 months after being recorded. Instead of letting the label issues and other frustrations get him down during the delay, Jaill’s singer/founding member Vincent Kircher simply decided to go down in his basement and make another album.

On January 8, Jaill will release Wherever It Be as a limited run (350) cassette on Infinity Cat Recordings, not even seven months after Brain Cream‘s release. The homespun effort sees Kircher ditching his band’s patented surf-rock sound over the course of 10 warm and subdued songs he wrote, recorded, and performed himself. In many offerings, guitars and drums are set aside in favor of keys and layered multi-part harmonies. Usual drummer Josh Evert (The Fatty Acids, solo work) mixed and mastered the album.

“Paint Me Scary” nods to some of Jaill’s slower and more somber compositions (“Chocolate Poison Time” comes to mind) with delicate keyboard implementation, sparing drums, and more sensitive lyrics than one would expect from a guy with a song called “Eveyone’s A Bitch” in his back catalog. Before Wherever It Be comes out Friday, hear “Paint Me Scary” now.

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