After a whirlwind 11-plus months in which Tigernite opened for The Offspring, released its outstanding and critically acclaimed debut full-length, stole the show at the most recent Local Coverage, broke in a new bassist, played out avidly, and won Milwaukee’s collective heart along the way, it’d be understandable if the band wanted to take a breather. However, instead of taking its foot off the gas pedal, the group is about to embark on something of a victory lap. Before playing virtually every festival in the area, Tigernite will roar into summer by releasing Blood Moon, a four-song EP the band somehow found time to write and record during its biggest year yet.

The opening howls, cymbal crashes, and screeching guitar solo of EP-opener and title track “Blood Moon” reintroduces listeners to the rowdy rock stylings of the Tigernite many have come to know and love. “Nice Guy” takes a sharp turn with a faintly flamenco opening guitar lick that quickly gives way to what could be the band’s most upbeat and accessible song to date, at least when discounting the “I’m going to have to murder you now” line. Punchy single “Remember” breaks the spell with Max Emmet’s raw ax-wielding that fights to match the intensity of Molly Roberts’ brash vocals. By the time boisterous battle hymn “Valkyrie” subsides, Tigernite manages to turn in another fun-yet-focused group of songs and, in doing so, dig its heels even deeper for its ongoing fight for Milwaukee music dominance.

Before Tigernite’s May 31 digital release and June 4 cassette release at Mad Planet (as part of Tasty Fest), stream Blood Moon in its entirety now, only at Milwaukee Record.

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