Before the modern era of music that finds it not at all unusual for a band’s first public outing to double as its album (or, more often, its digital download card) release show, there was a time when a record’s release really meant something. Whether on CD, cassette, or pressed to wax, the act of ceremoniously putting an album out into the world functioned as a physical representation of countless hours spent writing, dozens of past shows to see which songs thrived and which died, and immeasurable quantities of thought, consideration, and money put into every recorded moment. Less than a week from releasing its self-titled debut album and within days of celebrating the two-year anniversary of its first show, Milwaukee glam rock quartet Tigernite took a now-uncommonly slow and calculated approach to publicly announcing its presence in the recorded realm. Mere seconds into that eight-song introduction (outside of a couple of digital singles and the band’s patently rowdy live shows, that is), it’s utterly apparent Tigernite was absolutely worth the wait.

The blistering, dirty Max Emmet guitar solo and flurry of uptempo noise from the rhythm section kick the doors open on “Million Years” before relenting to the powerhouse vocals of frontwoman Molly Roberts, which continues into the meaty distortion of “Wasteland” and should-be rock radio mainstay “Witch.” Clocking in just a shade under half an hour, Tigernite—whose members are quick to admit they’re not making high art—manage to forge a group of songs sometimes bombastic (“Tarantula”), other times beautiful (“Drag”), and always big in scope. Roberts heaps effortlessly catchy hooks and arena-suited operatics atop her band’s airtight instrumentation.

Recorded by Alex Smolinski at Wonder Wonder Sound (with additional tracking by Shane Hochstetler at Howl Street, and Paul Meyer), Tigernite is a true testament to the significance of taking time to do something right. It’s said you can only make one first impression. From front to back, Tigernite’s first true impression just so happens to be one of the most fun and fully realized releases Milwaukee has seen this year. Listen to Tigernite now, only at Milwaukee Record.

Tigernite will release its self-titled debut album Saturday, August 1 at Cactus Club. North By North (Chicago) and Haunted Heads (Oshkosh) will play in support. The show begins at 9 p.m. and costs $8 at the door.

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