“It’s easy to point the finger at others, or lash out when you feel you’ve been mistreated or talked about behind your back. But ultimately, we need to be able to reconcile our own actions as well; to admit we aren’t perfect, and own it.”

Those words of wisdom come courtesy of Eli Cash. For the past several years, the Milwaukee rapper has been releasing tracks both BIG (see: the undeniably awesome “Tribal Knowledge”) and timely (see: “Protesting In A Pandemic”). But with his newest single, “Never Goin Back,” Cash gets personal.

“For me, I could sit back and have a million regrets for what I could have or should have done differently in life—whether with my music or otherwise,” Cash says. “But at the end of the day, the past is the past and we can only learn from it and move forward.”

To that end, “Never Goin Back” features a psych-tinged harpsichord backing track (sampled from “Frustration” by the Mamas And Papas) and mile-a-minute confessional bars like “Never said I’m perfect, I keep on putting the work in / I’ve been called a jerk and I probably even deserved it.” It’s a heady mix of nostalgic whimsy and brutal honesty.

“The song also serves as a mantra of sorts,” Cash adds, “to remind myself to be present, and block out the negativity both internal and external.” Good advice, once again. Listen to “Never Goin Back” now, before the single hits streaming platforms on June 18.

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