Sup, Mello? What are you doing Sunday, September 11? If you don’t have plans yet, we highly suggest venturing down the rabbit hole of comedic oddity and experiencing Eric Andre Live! at Turner Hall Ballroom.

If the high-energy humorist’s name doesn’t ring a bell or if you only recognize him from his down-the-middle supporting roles on shows like 2 Broke Girls and Don’t Trust The B In Apartment 23, then holy shit, are you in for a surprise! In an era of comic homogenization that finds dudes in flannel shirts crafting near-identical observations, Andre’s fearless, erratic, and altogether uneasy style is a breath of fresh air…terrifying fresh air. In the past, his crass anti-comedy has gotten him arrested, assaulted, and injured. The Pabst Theater listing describes Andre’s live show as “GG Allin meets Gallagher,” which sounds about right.

We can’t pretend to know what to expect when the comedian and host of The Eric Andre Show comes to the historic ballroom, but you won’t want to miss it. Tickets to the 8 p.m. show (doors at 7) cost $20 and are on sale now. You’ve been warned.

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