This past Sunday, thousands of Milwaukeeans flocked to the MSOE Kern Center for WMSE’s 20th annual Rockabilly Chili Fundraiser. Several hours later, they all went home and found a nice place to curl up and think about what they had done. In addition to being the first in-person installment since early 2020, the 2022 edition of the radio station’s ever-popular and awesome chili blowout was another one for the books, featuring more than 40 chili varietals from over 35 competing Milwaukee restaurants, cafes, and caterers. Lakefront Brewery once again rounded out the fun with its tasty and tongue-cooling beer.

So who were the big winners? Glad you asked. Per WMSE:

Best Meat: Kettle Range Meats
Runners-up: Camino, Maxie’s

Best Veggie: Lazy Susan
Runners-up: Twisted Plants, Story Hill BKC

Best Heat: Camino
Runners-up: Cafe Corazon, Puddler’s Hall

Most Unique: Lazy Susan
Runners-up: Aperitivo MKE, Kettle Range Meats

Best Display: Buckatabon Tavern and Supper Club
Runners-up: Old German Beer Hall, Crafty Cow