Here’s a fun fact: Milwaukee is home to the world’s first habitat diorama! In 1890, Carl Akeley, a.k.a. the “father of modern taxidermy,” created a muskrat colony diorama for the then-young Milwaukee Public Museum. The exhibit still stands in MPM today, just one of dozens upon dozens of meticulously crafted, delightfully retro miniature models that will absolutely make the move to the new museum, right?

Another fun fact: Milwaukee is home to Diorama-Rama, a cozy celebration of the crafty and adorable art form! Founded by Danelle “D” Kirschling in 2016, the annual competition has boasted past themes like “A Look To The Future” and “History’s Greatest Hits.” This year’s theme? “What Year Is It? A Celebration Of The ’90s.” Whatever!

“This year your favorite diorama competition goes into the way back machine to visit the 1990s!” reads an event description. “Do you remember them? Were you alive then? Give us your take on your favorite ’90s—well, ’90s anything. Store at the mall? Your childhood bedroom? Scene from 90210? Go for it! Radical! Miss this? As if!”

Diorama-Rama 2024 will take place on Tuesday, March 26 at Amorphic Beer (3700 N. Fratney St.) from 7 to 10 p.m. Want to get in on the action? Drop a line to [email protected].

And finally: “Diorama-Rama is a family friendly event but adult dioramists only, please. And absolutely NO PEEPS.” lol

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