In case you missed it, one of Milwaukee’s finest bands, Dramatic Lovers, is in the midst of a yearlong hiatus. Why? Because singer-songwriter William “B.J.” Seidel is off seeing the world. Good for him!

Good for the rest of us? A new EP from the indie-rock supergroup, the aptly titled Hiatus EP. It’s a lovely and haunting piece of work, full of gauzy/gorgeous instrumentation and heart-on-sleeve vocals. (See track 3: “Heart On Sleeve.) It’s also a fine way to wait out the band’s temporary pause. Listen to it now:

The five-track collection—recorded late last winter by Josh Evert at Silver City Studios, and mastered by Justin Perkins at Mystery Room Mastering—includes several songs heard during the band’s Local/Live show back in July, including the one-two opening punch of “Blaze Orange” and “Horns Of Dilemma.”

Dramatic Lovers formed in 2016. Its members—Seidel, Aaron Vold, Andy Menchal, Dan Didier, and Justin Klug—hail from past Milwaukee groups like Decibully, The Promise Ring, Maritime, and Temper Temper. Dramatic Lovers’ debut LP, You Talk Loud, was released in 2019. A remix album, Utah Cloud (get it?), followed in 2020.

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