Last December, Dramatic Lovers played its first show. Since making its live debut, the supergroup—consisting of current or former members of Decibully, The Promise Ring, and Maritime—has played fewer than five shows. Unless you made it out to one of those rare live outings or heard them on the radio, Dramatic Lovers’ recorded footprint both begins and ends with a cover of an Irvin Berlin song from the 1920s.

Fortunately, in the sixth months since the band’s outset, they made their way into Howl Street Recordings to lay down a couple originals. Make Believe b/w Made It My Own is a two-song 7-inch and a dreary, dreamy introduction to the group’s shoegazing style. “Make Believe” is a driving and downcast number that nods to ’80s-era synth. On side B, “Made It My Own” crawls along somberly, propelled by chugging bass, pummeling percussion, atmospheric guitar and keys, and the wax and wane of William Seidel’s emotive vocals.

You can pre-order Dramatic Lovers’ Make Believe b/w Made It My Own 7-inch here before its June 23 release. Dramatic Lovers will open for Collections Of Colonies Of Bees at Cactus Club on June 3, headline DanDan’s “The Little Gig” on June 25, and perform with Piles at Chill On The Hill on August 15.

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