Last year, Dramatic Lovers—a Milwaukee super group that boasts members of Decibully, The Promise Ring, Maritime, and Temper Temper in its ranks—officially announced its presence with You Talk Loud. The band’s debut full-length showed listeners the accomplished group of veteran rockers had some new tricks up their sleeve with 10 tracks that ably alternated between upbeat efforts, dark and dour offerings, and an altogether satisfying shoegaze sound that earned You Talk Loud inclusion on our list of 2019’s best Milwaukee albums.

Following that excellent debut, Dramatic Lovers wasted no time writing material for a follow-up release, which they planned to record at Wire & Vice. Thankfully for both the band and listeners, they managed to get into the studio and record a few songs with Daniel Holter mere days before the world essentially shut down. To help spread the word of their new material and “celebrate Milwaukee, together, although apart,” Dramatic Lovers decided there was no better time to put out a new single than April 14. Today, in honor of Milwaukee Day, the band released “Buried b/w Slow Down” digitally.

And if the impressive continuation of the outfit’s winning sound isn’t enough, Dramatic Lovers also decided to put out a brand new music video today. Though they managed to record before the quarantine, the visual pairing for “Slow Down” had to be shot in an unconventional way because band members were in isolation. Over the course of 48 hours, Dramatic Lovers shot the video on phone cameras, mixed and mastered it, and edited it. The final product finds the quintet playing together from five different spots and sounding better than ever. Sure, we’d love to see the band play live, but seeing the members safe at home with their families and watching bassist Andrew Menchal rocking out in his laundry room is a great substitute for the time being. What are you waiting for? Listen to the new single and watch the video now.

Dramatic Lovers “Slow Down” from Dramatic Lovers on Vimeo.

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