There’s an old episode of Unsolved Mysteries about a family in Horicon, Wisconsin, who, back in 1987, claimed their house was haunted. Their story covered all the classics—demonic forces, hellish visions, terrified priests—but it really made its mark with the inclusion of a haunted bunk bed. “When the bunk bed was moved upstairs,” host Robert Stack gravely explains in the classic clip, “it marked the beginning of nine months of horror for the Tallmans.”

What does a 35-year-old episode of Unsolved Mysteries have to do with new Milwaukee band Bunk Bed? Absolutely nothing. Still, the two share a wonky, semi-goofy, semi-serious sensibility. Bunk Bed: RIYL Unsolved Mysteries cases about haunted furniture that eventually gets buried in a landfill!

Anyway, Bunk Bed the band. The new trio comes from the ashes of short-lived (but excellent) group Weird Storm, and features drummer/vocalist Bob Schaab, guitarist/vocalist Nick Ouchie, and keyboardist/vocalist Chris Ouchie. One listen to the two-song Top Bunk, Bottom Bunk reveals a delightful stew of herky-jerky riffs, shout-y gang vocals, and math-y arrangements (“Crowd And Judgement”), as well as jam-band tendencies and a love for early Built To Spill (“Bum”). Both songs are excellent. Listen to them now, ahead of an official release on Friday:

Top Bunk, Bottom Bunk was self-produced by the group at the Exchange Recording Complex, and mastered by the incomparable Justin Perkins at Mystery Room Mastering. Bunk Bed has played a handful of shows since debuting earlier this summer, and more gigs are surely on the way. Stay tuned.

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