There’s unfortunate timing, and then there’s Milwaukee’s Weird Storm. Formed in summer 2019, the group (Charlie Hoehnen, Bob Schaab, brothers Chris and Nicholas Ouchie) wrote, rehearsed, and recorded some demos before playing its inaugural show in March 2020. And then…well, you know what happened then. Put on pause by [gestures broadly], the group brewed in the background, kindly submitted a video to our Virtual Summer Festival, and waited…

And now, in the already out-of-control year of 2021, it’s time for Weird Storm to live up to its name. The video for the band’s first single, “Brittle Pastimes,” is filled with wood paneling and drop ceilings, Miller Lite and Miller High Life, and getting weird with the boys. (Oh, and the group’s melodic and math-y sound that should appeal to fans of Modest Mouse and Built To Spill.) It’s basically the stay-at-home version of a dive bar show:

“Brittle Pastimes” is from Weird Storm’s forthcoming debut, Alone On Meat Beach. Look for the band-recorded, Mystery Room-mastered EP on February 5. Until then, stay…well, you know.

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