Jackson Bradford might have the most interesting job on the planet. The Milwaukee native spends at least half of each year wearing a cop costume and short-shorts while sporting a mustache as part of his lovable “heel with a switch” character that Masked Intruder fans know as “Officer Bradford.” The pop-punk villain’s unique line of work has taken him to Europe, Asia, Australia, and much of North America.

Between Masked Intruder’s tour European and domestic tours with Me First And The Gimme Gimmes, Officer Bradford met host Tyler Maas—who previously shared 13 donuts with him—on the Vanguard patio for an off-duty chat about how he landed the unorthodox occupation, ways the persona has changed with the growing number of police-related tragedies, and the body-positive “Pants Off Dance Off” parties he co-hosts when he’s not on the road.

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