The last time we checked in with Weird Storm, the math-y Milwaukee indie-rock outfit was hanging out in a wood-paneled basement and pounding some High Life. As bands do during these trying times. Yes, the video for “Brittle Pastimes” (from one of our favorite records of the year so far, Alone On Meat Beach) was a delightful goof, giving the group’s earnest Modest Mouse/Built To Spill sound a spike of levity.

That sense of humor is back in the video for another Meat Beach track, “Days Of Graves.” This clip is a bit more ambitious, however; in it, singer-guitarist Charlie Hoehnen literally digs his own grave and descends into the underworld to do battle with a plastic skeleton. (As one does during these trying times.) The other members of the band (Bob Schaab, brothers Chris and Nicholas Ouchie) play on as Hoehnen goes all Army Of Darkness on the undead. Meanwhile, an increasingly bored funeral party sits patiently. There are gags aplenty, and yes, a priest absolutely plays a trombone.

The “Days Of Graves” video was produced by Michael Frank and Hollie Wierschke, along with Jon Elliott, Jon Phillips, William Akers, Stewart Ouchie, The Dearling-Goldfarts, Christina Mata, and Cami DesJardins. As for Weird Storm, you can catch them live this Saturday at Ayre In The Square, and September 2 at Cactus Club. Bring a shovel.

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Weird Storm gets, well, weird in video for “Brittle Pastimes”

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