Today is St. Patrick’s Day, the annual celebration of all things Irish, all things green, and all things WOOO!!! YEEEAAAHHH!!! WOOO!!! Yep, a whole lot of folks are going to be buckling down and getting good and shitty today, and to them we say this: good luck, have fun, and take the fucking bus.

But before the drunken revelry begins, why not kick things off with Milwaukee’s patron saint of novelty songs about the Packers and getting plastered, Pat McCurdy? The seemingly immortal tunesmith has somehow been delighting crowds for decades now, and shows absolutely no signs of slowing down. (He’s playing The Looking Glass in Janesville this afternoon, and AJ’s Bar & Grill in Muskego later tonight.) Why is McCurdy so popular? Being a jokey Wisconsin-based singer-songwriter with approximately 8,000 songs about drinking and being drunk probably doesn’t hurt. Also, Larry the Cable Guy was in one of his videos.

With that in mind, we invite you to take the following quiz, “Real Pat McCurdy drinking song or fake Pat McCurdy drinking song?” We mixed nine real Pat McCurdy drinking song titles (“Sex And Beer” not included) with 11 phony Pat McCurdy drinking song titles to create the most drink-tastic Pat McCurdy-themed drinking quiz ever drunk. We’ll post the answers later today in the comments below. Winners will receive our eternal gratitude. Good luck?

(Fun Fact: Pat McCurdy follows five people on Twitter, and two of them are Milwaukee Record‘s own Matt Wild and Tyler Maas. We have no idea what’s up with that.)