Beyond her set at Arte Para Todos last weekend, a performance at FemFest, and a scant few outings around her Riverwest home, Caley Conway has been uncharacteristically quiet of late. There are two good reasons for that: First, Conway and her band, The Lucy Cukes, were taking a break from playing out in order to focus on writing and recording a new record. Secondly, while recording that album, the band decided to part ways.

Thursday night’s show at Company Brewing marks an understated reunion of sorts for the Cukes, and the first in a short run of shows together before the band calls its quits for good at the end of the summer, when that record—the 10-track Silk For Life—is released. With the band’s conclusion somewhat in sight, Caley Conway And The Lucy Cukes released their first single for what, barring a change of heart, will be their final album.

“The Dreaming Genius Sees” starts with light ukulele strumming and Conway’s captivating voice singing pleasantries until the sweet song takes a sudden turn, finding the frontwoman offsetting the gentle instrumentation with tongue-in-cheek lyrics (and even a “motherfucker” thrown in for good measure). As brash as the song becomes, Conway’s vocals remain magnificent and altogether charming throughout. Though the end is nigh for The Lucy Cukes, at least they’re leaving Milwaukee with some new songs as a parting gift. Hear the first one below.

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