Of all the festivals that occur in Milwaukee every summer, Bay View Bash probably isn’t regarded by most locals to be the best. But it is the last. Even if it—what with its corny magic shows, strongman competitions, and two-hour Love Monkeys music blocks—doesn’t always offer a front-to-back entertainment lineup that quite measures up to the neighborhood’s all-around awesomeness, the 11-hour event that occurs one Saturday every September offers Milwaukeeans one last chance to walk around in public with a beer, eat delectably unhealthy festival fare, and win a Gruber Law t-shirt from a kiosk before summer ends.

Though organizers made a crucial mistake in not booking Gabriel Sanchez And The Prince Experience again this year, the 2015 Bay View Bash (September 19 on Kinnickinnic Avenue) features a handful of great Milwaukee acts and some solid out-of-town bands strewn among the Daley Deb’s Baton Show and a buttload of drumlines slated to perform. Between Rio Turbo, Myles Coyne, the great-yet-unGoogleable likes of Galley Night, Space Raft, and Yonatan Gat (an Israeli band with former members of Monotonix), there’s enough in the way of good music to ensure you’ll have a Bayviewtiful day (sorry) on the city’s southeast side. Here’s the lineup:

North Stage (sponsored by Rush-Mor Records and WMSE)
12:30 p.m.: Brewgrass
1:30 p.m.: Gallery Night
2:30 p.m.: Myles Coyne
3:30 p.m.: Rio Turbo
5 p.m.: Cold Blue Mountain (California)
7 p.m.: Yonatan Gat (New York/Tel Aviv/Brazil)
9 p.m.: Space Raft

Middle Stage (sponsored by Local First)
11 a.m.:
The Atomic Spins
12:30 p.m.: (No music)
2 p.m.: Love Monkeys
5 p.m.: Midnight Groove
8 p.m.: Shonn Hinton And The Shotgun Band

South Stage (sponsored by David Gruber Law Offices)
11:30 a.m.:
John Stano
1:30 p.m.: The Wrest
3:30 p.m.: Joe 2.0
6:30 p.m.: Kyle Feerick Band
7:30 p.m.: Brewcity Fire Brigade
8 p.m.: Generation Z

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